Jen MacPherson

Jen started riding snowmobiles in 2015 when she moved to Colorado and instantly fell in love with backcountry riding. Since then, spending her winter weekends in the mountains with good friends and constantly pushing herself to become a better rider has become a way of life. Her drive to succeed has led to her progression both in tree riding and jumping, including becoming the first female rider to hit the “Rabbit Ears Step Up” (a jump in Colorado that is notorious for wadding up sleds). She attributes her advancement as a rider to her own persistence and love of the sport, but even more so to the coaching and patience of her fellow riders – there’s too many to name, but chances are if she’s ridden with you, she’s learned from you. In addition to pushing herself, Jen also enjoys helping other riders develop their skills, and in 2017 began helping Matt Entz and Kim Onasch from Mountain Skillz teach Ladies Clinics. She’s always excited for her next ride, and looks forward to seeing her fellow riders out on the hill!