Josh Nerby

I’m Josh Nerby. I’m a 33 year old Wyoming native, now living in the Colorado front range. I’ve been riding since I could walk. In the winter the only way into our cabin was on sleds and that meant riding in with mom or dad. I was spoiled with the Continental divide trail running right in front of the yard at the cabin and used it to get to near by meadows where I would inevitably
get stuck and end up doing the walk of shame from my ’71 Ski-doo Citation back to the yard to get dads help.

My riding saw it’s first real improvement when I moved to Laramie, Wyoming to attend college. 3 years into my bachelors in criminal justice, I met the Chimenti brothers out of Dubois. They had a video called 10 High that they were making and it changed my riding. It was the first time I had peers to challenge my riding abilities. I ended up dropping out of school multiple times to ride sleds and bartend at night. At the time I was getting to ride 3 or 4 days a week and that seat time gave me the skills that I try to exercise today.

I don’t get quite as many days in as I used to because being an adult has added more bills to my plate, but fortunately sled technology makes up the difference. I’m currently riding a 2018 Skidoo Summit X 154×2.5 and it’s been my favorite sled to date. My riding preferences range from steep trees to spring time kickers. I live for the freedom that I feel when riding and can’t wait for next season to start.