Why Braap Wraps

Key Specialties

The Artwork  Our Designs

First thing you’ll notice about Braap Wraps is a unique and different flavor and approach to snowmobile graphics.  We produce pieces of art to show off as masterpieces on our own sleds.  The result is unique sled wraps that give your sled that head turning WOW factor and leaves everybody asking where did you get that sweet paint job?

The Templates  Braap Wrap Coverage

We raised the bar and set a whole new standard to which we’ve become know for.   Our Braap Wrap coverage option looks at a sled as a canvas, and that whole canvas needs paint!  Our templates are second to none in how well they fit and how much they cover.  

The Durability  Trees?  What Trees?

Hands down a favorite feature our customers call us with feedback on is the extreme durability of the vinyl and laminate we produce our wraps with.  Completely blown away that after a season, two season, three seasons and more of aggressive tree riding and abuse, their wrap still loooks killer.  Get yourself a Braap Wrap and you’ll understand what the fuss is all about

What others are Saying

  • “I’ve ran a lot of different wraps, but what I like most about Braap Wraps is the attention to detail and the durability” – Calvin Felker
  • “Premium Quality, a seamless fit, a true piece of art!” -Christofer Rossi
  • “The quality of braap wraps is by far the best out there.” -Jason Ferguson
  • “I love all the personalization you can put into your wrap! Everyone can make it their wrap! Such a variety and look just amazing!” – Aaron Rideout
  • “What i like most about Braap Wraps is that they are extremely tough.” -Josh Humphrey
  • “When people stop you and say thats a sick sled who did your wrap? its Braap Wraps all the way!” -Meghan Eagan

Welcome to Braap Wraps, home of something unique and just plain awesome for your Ski-Doo, Polaris, Arctic Cat and Yamaha sled wrap needs!

We are based in Colorado, near some of the best mountain riding available in the world.  We’ve come to be known for head-turning artistic designs that artist and founder, Wes Reiff, has produced and sold since 2008.  The compliments received by you, our customers, fellow artists, and other snowmobile wrap companies, lets us know we are on the right track of accomplishing our goal of impressing people with your wraps ‘WOW’ factor that is unique to Braap Wraps selection of designs.

“When people stop you and say, that’s a sick sled, who did your wrap? Its Braap Wraps all the way!” -Meghan Eagan

“You spend way too much time on your designs, LOL!”  -Rehab Wraps

Wes was always impressed by the custom painted snowmobiles that stood out and caught his eye when he was a kid growing up snowmobiling with his dad and cousins.  Going to watch racers like Brett Rasmussen and Blair Morgan race at places such as the World Championship Hillclimbs in Jackson Hole, Wyoming and the X Games here in Colorado, he would come home with a roll full of pictures of the custom painted sleds.  He would doodle his own custom snowmobiles while bored, often at school, and dream of doing custom paint jobs himself someday.  He was also inspired by his dad who always did some little custom accent painting on his sleds to make them unique.

Wes’ first custom painted sled was his very own, hand-me-down, 1979 Arctic Cat Pantera!  Every sled he has owned since has had his custom touches and he now custom paints sleds with vinyl wraps that feature his designs that are a unique combo of digital art, Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, as well as hand drawn art.   He is also the creator of the templates that we use.  Wes wanted a wrap that looked like a custom paint job instead of a sticker job.  They were designed by an artist, with attention to detail, for his own sled, to impress other people at what could be done with a wrap!  For Wes, this meant that it needed to fit tighter, with little to no gap between the pieces and cover most of the visible sled, just like a paint job would.  Sticker jobs commonly are easy to identify because of the lack of coverage and gaps between the decals.  Many templates are available online, but you get what you pay for, and they do not offer the kind of coverage that he desired and he opted to build them himself.

Many companies that are on the market offering wraps are all using the same templates purchased online, but you get what you pay for!  If you are looking for something to get the job done, or maybe just a one off wrap for an older machine, or looking to design your own wrap and just need templates, they work great for that.  But to stand out and be better, many hours of design goes in to the templates before artwork ever begins on the actual wrap design.  We believe, at the end of the day, that you, our customers, like us, desire a custom paint job feel and we strive to deliver that!  So far, its proven to be a great decision and we have received positive feedback from customers who recognized what we had to offer was better than they previously had seen or become accustomed to.

While we’ve become a well known household name and authority in the sled wrap industry because of our designs and our templates, the most common call we receive is from customers that are running our wraps and they just went boondocking and thought for sure they had destroyed the decals with all the trees and branches, only to come find out that they completely maintained their integrity and looked as good as new.  We get a good smile when we hear how impressed they are with the quality and durability of our wraps and the convex vinyl we make them with.

One of our original wraps was the first BOO design on a 2008 M1000.  That wrap has seen several years of aggressive mountain riding and looks as good as it did the day we put it on according to Quinton and a few of his riding buddies.

Here is what Calvin Felker has to say:

“I’ve ran a lot of different wraps, but what I like most about Braap Wraps is the attention to detail, all the little stuff, and obviously the durability.  If your going to spend that kind of money on stickers for your sled, than you want something that is going to last.”

Another vital piece of the puzzle in our business model that sets us apart and makes for a feel good comfort, is we’ve maintained a customer oriented small business that loves the relationship that we have with our clients and the feeling of family it creates.  We chose to limit our wrap production to a monthly maximum number that is less than some fellow sled wrap companies sell in one day.  This is great for you and for us.  For you, you get the first need satisfied to own a sweet wrap, and in this case, a unique, limited production piece of art that looks absolutely incredible on your sled and even better when you add snow and go do what you love!  Second, you become part of the Braap Wrap family that desires that ‘WOW’ factor and has found a place to get it!

Join us online in one of our social media sites and meet the rest of us.  For us, we get to do what we love in our business, continue to grow while we maintain the superior quality of our products, and deliver to you our best, every single day, and build the relationships we are ever grateful for.  Business doesn’t happen without customers and we have some of the best and we thank you for that.  Its a true pleasure to be able to do this and sell our designs to you to make your sled stand out and look better than you ever could’ve imagined a sled wrap could.