Why Braap Wraps

Key Specialties

Our Designs

First thing you’ll notice about Braap Wraps is a unique and different flavor and approach to snowmobile graphics.  We produce pieces of art to show off as masterpieces on our own sleds.  The result is unique sled wraps that give your sled that head turning WOW factor and leaves everybody asking where did you get that sweet paint job?

Braap Wrap Coverage

We raised the bar and set a whole new standard to which we’ve become know for.   Our Braap Wrap coverage option looks at a sled as a canvas, and that whole canvas needs paint!  Our templates are second to none in how well they fit and how much they cover.  

Trees?  What Trees?

Hands down a favorite feature our customers call us with feedback on is the extreme durability of the vinyl and laminate we produce our wraps with.  Completely blown away that after a season, two season, three seasons and more of aggressive tree riding and abuse, their wrap still loooks killer.  Get yourself a Braap Wrap and you’ll understand what the fuss is all about  

What others are Saying

  • “I’ve ran a lot of different wraps, but what I like most about Braap Wraps is the attention to detail and the durability” – Calvin Felker
  • “Premium Quality, a seamless fit, a true piece of art!” -Christofer Rossi
  • “The quality of braap wraps is by far the best out there.” -Jason Ferguson
  • “I love all the personalization you can put into your wrap! Everyone can make it their wrap! Such a variety and look just amazing!” - Aaron Rideout
  • “What i like most about Braap Wraps is that they are extremely tough.” -Josh Humphrey
  • “When people stop you and say thats a sick sled who did your wrap? its Braap Wraps all the way!” -Meghan Eagan

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