FAQ/Terms and Conditions/Warranty

What’s the difference between the lightweight and classic vinyl?

Weight Lightweight 1.5-2.5 lbs. Classic. 4-5 lbs High Tack Adhesive. Lightweight. X Classic X Durability Lightweight XXXXX Classic. XXXXX Ease of Install Lightweight. XXXXX Classic. XXXXX Longevity Lightweight. XXXXX Classic. XXXXX Price. Lightweight. $ Classic. $$

Will the wrap fit my sled? How do I know which chassis of sled I have?

After clicking on the make of your sled you will see pictures for each different chassis available. The general rule is to pick the sled that looks like yours. Each manufacturer has several models that all share the chassis. For example, the Ski-Doo Summit shares the same chassis as the Freeride and the MXZ, although they may have varying differences in the tunnels and slight differences on on panels or accessories, which is why it is important to include that information in your order. Also when new chassis are introduced, the old chassis is still often offered in some models. If you are unsure of which chassis to order under, please contact us first as it is confusing when we receive an order for a chassis that doesn't match the model given by the customer and will delay your order or potentially result in getting the wrong wrap. Note that Polaris makes this difficult because the chassis names and model names overlap and different chassis overlap by year as well. We recommend choosing based on the image of the snowmobile that looks like yours. The chassis are set up by the "IQ/Shift" chassis which covers models such as the Dragon, RMK and the IQ; the "Pro/Rush" chassis which covers models like the ProRMK and the Pro-R; and the "Axys" Chassis which covers models like the 2016 and later ProRMK and the Pro-S.

Q: How long does it take to get my wrap?

A:take to get my wrap? Processing time is 3-14 business days after your order depending on volume of orders and any changes that need to be made to the wrap such as additional art or logos. Custom requests may take longer to fulfill. Processing time does not include shipping time. All domestic orders are shipped through USPS Priority mail and international orders through USPS Priority International. Please contact us prior to shipment if you are concerned about getting your wrap sooner and we will do our best to accommodate your timeline.

Q: Can I install my wrap myself?

A: Yes. Please see our installation page for information on proper install.

Q: Should I purchase an installation kit?

A: We recommend installation kits for inexperienced installers. We do not think it is necessary to purchase an installation kit for head light decals and nosecone wraps (nosecone teeth).

Terms of Sales

Cancellations: Cancellations are accepted before the wrap has been printed. There is a 3.25% Cancelation Fee for US orders and 4.5% cancellation fee for international orders. Orders will be marked as processing once the wrap is printed. After the order is marked as processing we do not accept cancellations. If you choose to cancel your order after we have provided logo proofs, but before printing, you will be refunded for the price of the wrap minus any fees associated with logo addition and the Cancelation Fee.

Returns: As each wrap is custom printed for each order, we do not accept returns. We are not responsible for mistakes when ordering custom colors.

Shipment Orders ship both domestically and internationally through USPS Priority Mail. If you do not receive postal service at your home address, please provide us with a postal box to mail to. If you do not have a postal box and do not receive postal service at your address, please contact us for other shipping options before purchase.

Warranty and replacement:We will replace, free of charge any piece that is damaged or incorrect due to mistake or defect on our part. We do not warranty wrap pieces due to our inability to control preparation, installation and aftercare of the wrap.

We cannot guarantee color will match what your screen shows based on monitor differences. If exact color is imporant, please contact us before purchasing your wrap.

Wrap replacement pieces are available for purchase at a reduced rate. Please contact us for details. By purchasing your wrap you agree to the terms and conditions of the sale.