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Sled Wraps Store – Pick Your Sled to Wrap

Braap Wraps Sled Wraps

When it comes to finding that perfect sled wrap for your snowmobile, the good news is you have lots of options.  The bad news is, you have LOTS of options!

The first thing you’ll notice here at Braap Wraps is our sled graphics are a bit different than other companies.  That’s no accident.  I designed them that way!  When I sit down to design a wrap, my goal is to create something that looks like it was done on purpose, turns heads and makes people compliment you on your custom paint job.  There are too many serial clip art artists out there going crazy with multiple pieces of fancy clip art and colors crammed together to make sled wraps.  Some people like these designs, absolutely, and they must be selling, but I sure feel like they all start to look the same after flipping through multiple pages of different wraps by different companies.  This doesn’t help when you are on the search for that perfect wrap and you have to flip through multiple pages of multiple sled wraps vendors.

Welcome to the beauty in simplicity of Braap Wraps.

Instead of dozens or hundreds of designs per year, we create just a few.  They are thought out pieces of art that I would be proud to show off on my own sled.  They are designed on templates that took many, many hours to create to get the perfect combo of precision fitting and amount of coverage. All of the designs work great as is, but often times they are the base to something unique for you.  Many items can be changed and personalized to make it yours.

All of the kits are available in different levels of coverage.  Some of you may desire to have the full wrap that looks like a custom paint job.  For you, you’ll want to go with a wrap that is available in a “Braap Wrap” option.  The next level down, the “Bling Bling”, offers great coverage for the front plastics and the tunnel sides of your sled.  This amount of coverage is comparable to the majority of the wraps with tunnel add-ons being sold today. For an entry-level wrap to add some color and art to your sled, go with the Eye Candy kit.  The next option to consider is to make it uniquely yours is to modify the colors.

We offer our designs in a variety of colors in the store.  Don’t see what you are after and want to customize it?  Change the colors?  Maybe Add logos?  Or add your name? Some wraps have options that you can customize while ordering.  If you want to add something beyond these options, let us know and we can tell you if we can do it and estimate how much!

Email info@braapwraps.com or call us to make your request (970) 818-2576

So what happens next?  All wraps are made to order after it is placed.  It keeps our costs down and ensures that your graphics arrive fresh and made just for you.  After the order comes in, the art is prepped for printing.  Existing designs with no changes can make it to the printer the next day where custom jobs with the personal touches will need up to 5 business days to layout and proof with you before sending to the printer.  Once they are printed, they get laminated.  This is the step that is essentially the clear coat for your custom paint job.  It seals in the beautiful color and provides the strength your snowmobile wrap needs to survive the kind of riding we do and the abuse we can put them through in the backcountry.  Without laminate, sled wraps would be fairly weak pieces of vinyl that would leave a lot of people disappointed.  Next they get run through a plotter that traces out the shapes of the final decals that were printed. Next the vinyl is weeded, leaving the final wrap pieces and discarding the rest.  It is then rolled up, boxed up, and shipped out to you via USPS.  US orders take 2-3 days in transit while Canada and international orders can take up to two weeks to make it to your doorstep.  We can ship express upon request for the additional amount in shipping costs.

The strength is in the vinyl!

We tested material combos from 3M and Avery in the early days of our wrapping.  While they make some of the finest material that you can buy to wrap a car with, they did not cut if for our needs and we had multiple failures of materials falling off, shrinking, cracking and clogging up our printer due to the adhesive being exposed outside the edge of the vinyl. We were recommended Convex by a fellow wrap company and we are grateful we did!

We bank our reputation on our wraps being able to go the distance and doing what we say they will.  With Convex, we don’t have to worry about it!  It’s expensive and for good reason!  The quality of material they put in the material and the process used to produce it makes for an extremely durable, high adhesive strength, stable vinyl that does the job.  It is easy to apply.  It sticks to our sleds.  It doesn’t shrink.

Not something you would think about but the temperature ranges we expose these to is much different than any other motorsport.  Inferior vinyl can shrink.  That may not be a big deal if the adhesive shrank with it.  Unfortunately, when vinyl shrinks, the adhesive stays in its original place, with a smaller piece of vinyl on top of it.  What this looks like is someone took a glue stick and traced the edge of your decal with adhesive.  It’s nasty.  Dirt and everything else sticks to it, leaving a gross ring of unwanted custom art around the edge of your sweet wrap.  Many companies have opted to switch due to the substantially lower cost, sometimes as much as 60% less.  Be careful when you run across products that are substantially cheaper than everyone else, you really do get what you pay for!  We have chosen to stick with Convex and price it fairly, knowing it is the best available product for our needs and knowing we can sleep at night because our sled wraps will survive and impress you.

Can I install my Sled Wrap myself?

The majority of our customers since 2008 have been first-time wrap owners.  That is changing now as we see more and more repeat customers who have purchased new snowmobiles and decided to come back for their second and third wrap from us.  One thing that remains the same, people who have not installed one, are intimidated.  It seems like an impossible task.  No need to worry.  So far, we have not had any user errors resulting in the need for replacement pieces upon install.  You can watch me give you pointers on how to install and go over the two primary methods, wet install and dry install.  You can hire it out or bribe your buddy with beer that has done a few to help you with yours, but I’m confident you can tackle it on your own.  Be sure to have a heated and clean place to work on it.  Give yourself enough time to do it.  Don’t rush it.  Watch the training videos before hand.  Study the install map to determine where all the pieces of wrap go on your particular snowmobile.  If you go with the wet install method, I recommend a heated garage or trailer.  60 degrees Fahrenheit or warmer is ideal, 50 would work if you needed it to, but increase the drying time.  You are leaving moisture under the decal when doing a wet install.  You MUST let this dry out before sneaking out into the cold for a rip.  Getting out in the snow too soon can cause the moisture to freeze and leave the sticker vulnerable for being ripped off on your first ride.  Definitely take the time to make sure it is completely cured.  24 hours in a heated garage is safe, but you be the judge.  If you didn’t use much fluid and you heated it with a heat gun or a hair dryer after install, you may be safe with substantially less drying time.  Final step in the process is to step back and admire the new sled you just created and the personality that comes with it.  Time to go ride and get some pics to share with the rest of the Braap Wrap family!