Jarrod Raper

Jarrod Raper said his parents first “threw me on a sled” when he was around 6, and he was immediately hooked on snowmobiling. He started riding snowmobiles at age 10.  He’s known around Steamboat Springs for leading backcountry rides, and he thrives on “the connection you make with other people, taking them out riding and experiencing true backcountry riding. he started working for Colorado Sled Rentals 2 years ago, and has been professionally guiding sense then. He loves seeing people get stuck, ride, learn and have fun all day! He is a true ambassador of the sport!”

Brian Lundstedt

I am Brian Lundstedt with Tyler’s Backcountry Awareness, we are a 501-c3 non profit that focuses on avalanche education for motorized users. We offer classes across the Rocky Mountains that consist of classroom and on snow education as well as seminars in areas that lack major avalanche terrain. Since the loss of Tyler, whom the program was founded in honor of, I have spoken across the U.S. and at several international events.

I grew up riding southern Wyoming and northern Colorado, I prefer technical lines in deep snow. I have been riding since 93 and have never looked back. Winter is definitely my favorite season. I have always felt that if you can count the number of days on snow you haven’t had enough yet, making memories in the mountains is a lifestyle not a hobby for me.

Logan Brewer

I’ve been riding since I was a baby, I’ve around snowmobiling industries my whole life. My addiction for the sport was started by my family and my father, we use to go on family rides when I was a baby and little kid. My father raced circle track, drag racing, rmsha (hillclimb racing). So I was always hanging out around the races growing up, developing my love for this sport.

I started racing rmsha in 2013, and have been racing the hillclimb circuit since. Love getting out in the mountains with my friends and free riding as much as I am able to, when I can spare the time. I also bought the business, Mountain Armor off a good friend. Trying to build a deeper stronger roots into the snowmobile industries.